Émilie Macas, author of The Naked Truth of a Healer_ The Path to My Authentic Self, self-help memoir


Émilie Macas is an integrative Reiki teacher with a particular focus on emotional healing, as she holds a trauma counselling certification. Émilie is a Chopra Meditation teacher, a mindfulness educator, an author, a public speaker, and a mental health and wellness advocate. Émilie has worked for decades treating some of society’s most vulnerable, attending to children, people struggling with burnout, stress, and lack of general well-being. 

Émilie teaches self-care, alignment, and healing through embracing vulnerability, adopting a spirit of raw truthfulness, releasing fears, and finding acceptance for the things that cannot be changed. She helps people find their way back to their genuine passion, vitality, and joie de vivre through honest introspection and dedication.